The essence of death..or Life? :)

A friend messages me voicing her innermost feelings.

She tells me she wants to taste death.

That she has started loving the idea of dying to the core.

I tell her.

Listen now. What you are feeling right now can be called a block. Just like a writer’s block. I’ll tell you what! Death is a beautiful thing. Yes, it is. And even I want to experience it. But you know when exactly do you ‘actually’ get to ‘relish’ it? When you’ve ‘lived’ life. When you’ve went through its ordeals and pleasures alike. When you embrace life, only then can you embrace death. Otherwise, there’s no fun in dying. And everyone, sometime or the other, feels what you are feeling. So Ssshh. It’s Okay. And remember, without having lived life, death is a negative thing.

Even I was a little disturbed when my father passed away. I was the closest to him. Spiritually. But that was for a matter of few minutes Or say a day or two. I was happy he had gotten liberated. And I was happy for him. You need to ‘achieve’ death in the truest of sense . And that can be done only once u’ve lived life.

So live on. Take everything that comes in your stride. Playfully. Joyfully.

If it gets difficult, treat life like a game. And death like a prize. The ultimate bumper prize. The ultimate destination.

As someone I highly admire and respect says, ‘ Just go for life.’

I’ll tell you a little secret: If you respect and treat life nicely, it loves you like never before. Life helps you live itself.


(This isn’t a piece of fiction)